QSL via E73Y

I am QSL manager for following stations:

E73TW, E73Y, T93Y, T94EU (1995/1996)

5B4/T93Y, CT9/E73Y, FM/T93Y, HB0/T93Y

5Q3W, 6W1SJ, 8Q7DX, 9A/E77AW, 9A/E77AW/p, CM2XN, CM8AKD, CO2XN, D4DX, E717MFF, E718MEDITERAN, E725ZRHB, E72NATO, E73M, E73MMM, E73W (SK), E74A, E74AW, E74KC, E75C, E76AQ (SK), E76C, E77AW, E77AW/p, E77DX, E797WARD, E79Q, E7BOSNIA (2021), E7DX, E7STAYHOME, HB0/T96Q (SK), HZ1HX, JY5HX, JY76HX, JY9FC, ST0RM, ST2A, SU9JT, T92000, T96Q (SK), T9DX, TT8JT, ZF9/ZF2XA

9K2/T94FC, E78A, T94FC, T98A

E73ENS (ex. 4N4ENS, 4N4U, T91ENS, YU4ENS)

6W1SJ, HZ1HX, JZ5HX, JY9FC, ST0RM, ST2A and TT8JT LOG’s are uploaded to Clublog and you can request bureau or direct QSL card from there or you can start at http://www.e73y.ba/log-search. For other callsigns I serve as QSL manager, please contact me by E-mail if you want to request direct QSL card using Paypal.

If you choose to send your QSL request direct please follow these instructions:

Ensure that the QSO information on your card are complete and correct. Do not send multiple requests if new QSO(s) is made after request for previous QSO(s) is already in the mail. Instead, please inform me by E-mail and I will make sure that all QSO’s are confirmed.

Enclose a (preferably self adhesive European size) self-addressed envelope (SAE). US stations please do not forget to include name of your country on the envelope. No address labels without SAE, please!

Enclose return postage as follows:

All stations: 1 new style properly stamped IRC or 2 US$.

2US$ are needed because of the low exchange rate between Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM) and US Dollar which is at present around 1.40KM for 1US$.

Please note that pre 2002 style IRC’s (small IRC) are not accepted by Bosnia and Herzegovina Post and that I can only exchange valid IRC’s (Istanbul model with end date of 31-Dec-2021).

Bosnia and Herzegovina mint stamps are accepted. For surface mail (plain envelope) effective 01-Aug-2013 please include value of:

1.80KM for Europe and French possessions

1.80KM for USA and Canada

1.90KM for all other countries

For air-mail letter please include value of:

2.00KM for Europe and French possessions

2.15KM for USA and Canada

2.30KM for all other countries

Please note that we have three post companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and make sure that mint stamps you are going to send are issued by Bosnia and Herzegovina Post (BHP).

International Business Reply Service (IBRS) envelopes are accepted and they seems to be delivered without problems.

Applications received direct but without a self-addressed envelope, without sufficient return postage, with old style or improperly stamped IRC’s will receive confirmations via the bureau.

I do not mind receiving requests for a multiple callsigns in the same envelope. Please make sure that postal expenses for overweight letter will be covered.

SWL Cards are welcome and will be confirmed same way they are received. All SWL QSL cards are checked against the cluster spots database to insure that it is a real SWL report. Listing several consecutive QSO’s on your card is the way to get instant confirmation and save my time. All above notes apply.